Understanding the Dangers of Cough Medicine Abuse

Pouring Cough Medicine

Parents of teen and pre-teen children may underestimate the potential for abuse of this drug that is readily available in some areas. While many drugstores have moved cough medicine bottles behind the counter to prevent shoplifting, in other stores, the bottles are right out in the open. Among young people, this is one of the more popular drugs of abuse but it is both addicting and its abuse can result in a fatal overdose.

The main intoxicating ingredient in over-the-counter cough medicines is dextromethorphan. In large doses, it creates drunkenness, hallucinations and a sense of being separated from one’s body and identity. Know all the about the effects of this drug so you can spot its use. Also learn how to educate young people to protect them from harm or addiction.

Prescription cough medications may contain codeine or pseudoephedrine, also addictive and damaging. These preparations will more likely be abused by an adult who has access to a physician to prescribe its use.

Taking Cough Syrup

What You Can Do about Cough Medicine Abuse

Get educated on cough medicine abuse, who tends to use it, what the signs of use and addiction are like, and how to prevent your children or loved ones from falling prey to it.

Signs and Symptoms of Dextro­methorphan Abuse

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Signs and Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Codeine Abuse

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Health Risks of Abusing Dextro­methorphan

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Medications that Contain Dextromethorphan

If you find empty bottles in your house or your child’s belongings, you need to know if they contain dextromethorphan. Find a list of dextromethorphan products here.